Hello, comrades. I quite enjoy your new game; congratulations on it. The only suggestion which I could offer is for the game to alert you if you are currently not researching a technology, so that your science points will not go to waste. Perhaps the game could bring you to the science menu automatically if you try to press "play" while not researching a technology, in the same manner if you try to press "play" while having a budget deficit? Thank you.


For your next game (after Ostalgie and The Collapse), I recommend working on making the games mod-compatible. Modding for these games would give them much more replayability and longevity, and create a more dedicated community that also brings more sales.


Hey, I am not sure yet whether to buy "Ostalgie" or not - is there the possibility to move on to cybersocialism, ecosocialism - or is one stuck in state socialism of the 20th century? Also: Are the diplomatic relations complex enough that even in third world countries the people and parties are historically accurate? I would like to join with Ghana under J.J. Rawlings ;)


It's possible to build Cybersyn, make a step toward to automation, democratic socialism and etc. The game is mostly focused on the survival of the Eastern Block countries.
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