Hello, comrades. I quite enjoy your new game; congratulations on it. The only suggestion which I could offer is for the game to alert you if you are currently not researching a technology, so that your science points will not go to waste. Perhaps the game could bring you to the science menu automatically if you try to press "play" while not researching a technology, in the same manner if you try to press "play" while having a budget deficit? Thank you.


For your next game (after Ostalgie and The Collapse), I recommend working on making the games mod-compatible. Modding for these games would give them much more replayability and longevity, and create a more dedicated community that also brings more sales.


Hey, I am not sure yet whether to buy "Ostalgie" or not - is there the possibility to move on to cybersocialism, ecosocialism - or is one stuck in state socialism of the 20th century? Also: Are the diplomatic relations complex enough that even in third world countries the people and parties are historically accurate? I would like to join with Ghana under J.J. Rawlings ;)


It's possible to build Cybersyn, make a step toward to automation, democratic socialism and etc. The game is mostly focused on the survival of the Eastern Block countries.


Dear KremlinGames, I love political simulation games and yours include both a fine historical simulation and great freedom of choice. Quite a rare combination of features and not a small achievement indeed. To play such a game, I can easily diregard UI imperfections and low-budget graphics, but... the many approximations in the english translation, combined with the lack of transparency in the consequences of the choices ruins my fun. Not only have I repeatedly made some choices without understanding any of the context or implications, but many times, I had to take a screenshot just to understand what had happened and its effect on my game, as there is no track of the modificators applied. Please, please include in every choice some practical in-game information about its consequences. It doesn't have to be the exact +/- 10 points to a variable as it would probably counter the game's purpose, but something like "Will cause minor miscontent in the population" or "Will greatly disrupt Party Unity" would totally improve the experience for me and, in fact, make the game playable.


Thank you! We will consider your advice in our next game!


Hello comrades, first of all I'd like to say that I really like and enjoy your games and I have a suggestion for a game after Mao's Legacy is done. It would be a game about the breakup of Yugoslavia where you could either try to preserve Yugoslavia or play as the head of a republic and win your independence, etc. Thanks in advance for considering it.


Thank you! We will consider your idea! Have a nice day!

Der CommieTsar

For a future game, after Mao's Legacy, I was thinking, maybe there could be a game about managing and leading guerrillas and revolutions? Since the other planned game was about less known third-world socialist countries, I thought that maybe playing as Che Guevara and his gang could be pretty interesting. Also, unless you intend to follow the theme of socialism, I'd like to suggest the same that had been suggested a few times in the Steam forums. A game set in the 1920's, following the unstable democracy of the Weimar Republic. Will democracy survive? Will the spartacists continue the revolution? Or would the monarchy return? ... Though just in case: Nazism should be a game over. We don't want to fill this nice community with wehraboos, not to mention actual neo-nazis.


Thank you for your ideas!


How about making a game that simulates contemporary Eastern European countries incorporating the internal affairs mechanism of "crisis in the kremlin" based on "Euromaidan"? (It may be nice to be able to play various countries like "ostalgie".)


Thank you! We will consider your idea! Have a nice day!


More language option plz.The chinese and many other countries comrades is begging for a better gameplay.


I like the idea of a game set in Yugoslavia, described by Jakov30. I would also love to see a game set in the USSR around the aftermath of the death of Stalin, leading into the missile crisis and the space race. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Liu Yun

Dear Kremlingames, I, as an ordinary Chinese citizen&netizen, am looking forward to the landing of Mao's Legacy in People's Republic of China. You are producing outstanding political simulation games, and many people-as well as our sinicization team, whose leader is in contact with you, are appreciating that hard work. So here are my advice. Most important: History Nihilism can easily stop this game from entering China. 1 GoF is widely considered in China as counterrevolutionary and voluntarist. They actually damaged the development of PRC. It should be adaquete to make some change on them, for ideological example the reviving of isolationism(Anti Imperialism, Anti Soviet Revisionism, Support the fight of communist around the globe), cult of Mao zedong and the continuation of Cultural Revolution. 2 The designer of Reform and Open, Deng Xiaoping, is earlier a "Moderate", considering the restructuring of Chinese Economy-forming a system with soviet and american features- vital. He was later turned to a reformer. However, Deng was a firm communist, and demand the leadership of CCP in China. He is NOT ALONE. With help of Chen Yun, Li Xiannian and many others-including Zhao Ziyang and Hu Yaobang, he successfully restore relationship with the two superpowers. His Ideology is considered a mixture of kadarism, titoism and socialist market economy. Politically firm, economically reforming-that is actually the man who banished the ghosts disguised as helpers of Mao Zedong. 3 89 Protests is-as far as I know-harmlos. The crowd came onto the square, the tanks rushed in-and stopped. The PLA only guarded the Tiananmen and People's Congress, and DID NOT FIRE AT THE PEOPLE. Instead, many riots killed and murdered even PLA soldiers, as they are on normal duty. The Counterrevolutionary, Zhao Ziyang was also only guarded in his cottage until his death in 2005. 4 Chinese Political System is much more complicated than soviet. Rethink about the ideas of killing Deng and stopping Reforms. Hopefully we can see the day that the game enters China. Sincerely, A Chinese Citizen Liu Yun
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